AFlead Testimonials

AFlead is committed to the entrenchment of strong LGED principles and methodologies on the African continent.


Our series of testimonials highlights this commitment.

We have identified a small group of stakeholders whose opinions are important and respected in the industry. Each interview allows the professional to state his or her personal involvement with AFlead and how our methodologies applied and products delivered have impacted on them and the collective entity or community that they represent.


The interviews focus on personal stories from the following perspectives:

  • A Municipal Politician
  • An Executive Mayor
  • Senior Municipal Officials
  • An Academic
  • An Entrepreneur

Sharion Louw

Senior Official, Mossel Bay Municipality
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Edward Jantjies

Director of Corporate Services, Mossel Bay Municipality
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Jenny Kiewit

Senior Official, George Municipality
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Mayor Emor Nel

Executive Mayor, Hessequa Municipality
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Jo-Anne Aranes

Small Business Owner, Cape Town
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Dr Genevieve James

Acting Community Director of Community Engagement,
Office of the Vice Chancellor, UNISA
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Councillor V Fortuin

Member of the Mayoral Committee, Mossel Bay Municipality
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